UV Light Universal Sanitizer, Sterilizer Antibacterial


Design Pattern
  • ( UV Sterilizer ) Our device uses bacteria-zapping UV disinfectant ultraviolet lamp tubes that targets all hard to reach areas and surfaces; eliminating germs and up to 99.9% of bacteria. Fast disinfection process takes up to 3 minutes only.

  • ( Sterilize all Phones and more) up to 4.05in width and 6.8in length (is compatible for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, XS Max,XR, XS, 8 Plus,7Plus, 8, 7,6, SE; Galaxy S10+,S10,S9,S8, LG, Motorola phones, apple watch, iPods, AirPods, wireless Bluetooth earphones, keys, jewelry and more.

  • ( Voice Notification ) Easy to use feature with Voice Notification once you press Coating button for UV Sterilize process; alert voice will prompt you again once complete. Progress Indicator will also show you the whole process from start to completion, so you know for sure your item is sterilized.

  • ( Aromatherapy Feature) Put essential oil ( Not Included) into inlet hole, close and press Incense button to start; alert voice will prompt you once complete and your item will smell great.  

  • ( Portable Light Weight , Ideal for Travel Use ) Our case is compact and lightweight designed so it’s convenient for use wherever you go.  It can be easily powered by USB of your laptop, or mobile power bank. This is also a great gift choice for your family members, colleagues and germophobe friends.

  • Packaging Includes : 1x UV Sterilizer Box 1xUser Manual 1xUSB Cable

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