Tri Max For Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) SM-J337 Clear Scratch Resistant/Full Wrap/Glass


Design Pattern
Transparent Clear
Peace Smiley Face
Fishing Lures Tackle
Trout Fish
American Horse
Sharks Swim
Butterfly Magic
Dolphins Playful
Hot Air Balloon
Pegasus n Unicorn
Finish Line Motors Classic Car
Solar Planet Galaxy
Bear Southwest Lodge Print
Panther Black
Tribal Tiger
Wild Night Wolf
Dawgs of War
Police Bring On the Night
Leopard Prowl Jungle
Red Dragon Wings
Spaceman Walk
T Rex Thunder
Space Galaxy Planets Stars
Hot Rod Garage Classic Car
Racing Motor Engine
NO 911 Patriot
Deer Outdoors Buck Flag
Armed Forces Strong n Free
Fire Fighter Bring It On
Deer Outdoors Hunting Camo
Horses Herd
2nd Amendment Eagle
Frogs Wild
Bass Fishing Outdoors
Bear Arms Hunting Outdoors
Grizzly Bear Outdoors
Big Buck Outdoors Camo
Elk Outdoors Camo
Turkey Outdoors Camo
Peace Power Patriotism
Shoot First
American Eagle
American By Birth
Eagle Flag2
Hand Cannon
Eagle USA
Bow Hunting
Patriotic Wolves
Armed Forces
No Trespassing
Rights Change Arms Don't
Liberty Or Death
Saving Lives EMS
2nd Amendment
WolfIn Space
DeerIn The Woods
Game Controller
Paw Prints
Purple Rose
Sea Turtle
Tribal Medallion Mint
Moon Stars Sun
  • The flexible high-grade film is formulated to be "self-healing". It comes in TWO Back pieces ONE impact resistant clear bumper (back cover anti-scratch material) ,ONE flexible clear front Shield (self-healing material) Able to Stretch ,absorb and even repair scratches and impact damage.
  • Beyond Cell TriMax Series Case Full body kit provides Full HD clarity and super-smooth feel. Superior protection with the most durable case on the market. Designed with air hybrid technology which absorbs shock for ultimate protection. Resistant to smudge and fingerprints. You can also change your phone to clear or with design.
  • Ultra-clear (HD) hybrid Anti Shock Phone Case. Case 360 Degree cover all edges and phone with built-in screen protector, Impacts resistance on the screen. DO NOT use any tempered glass or screen protector with this case. Top Case is a flexible screen protector with scratch resistant material. Unique molding process minimizes bulkiness while protecting against every day wear.
  • Daily use of your mobile device can cause unsightly scratches, dents and other unwanted damage. Easy to install and remove , and 100 % bubble free installation.

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