Power Weapon Kit with 12000 mAh Battery Pack / USB Cable


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InFuze Power Pack KIT  - 

Portable Extended Battery Pack + Butt stock Pouch - suitable for use on various model ATN Scopes & other Model Scopes 

Suitable for use with ATN Model X-Sight / X-Sight II / Thor-HD / OTS-HD / SIGHTMARK Photon RT- Series 

  •  Get more power for your SCOPE with our INFUZE Extended Power Weapon Battery Kit. 
  • Provides up to 22 hours of use when you use these accessories / suitable for all ATN scopes/ or other scope models
  • Kit includes a pouch that mounts on the butt stock for convenient use and has extra room for shells. The pouch also has a rubber, water resistant seal for the cord access port to keep rain from getting to the battery. 
  • 12,000 mAh Battery Pack can power your optics or charge other compatible devices for the whole day, then recharge while you sleep for more power on another day.
  • Features of Extended Life Battery Pack
  •     Rechargeable 12,000 mAh battery pack  ( with Dual Output USB) 
  •     HAS Wireless Charging Capability for device with QI-Enabled Wireless charge ( iPhone XS Max, Xs, Xr ,X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus,LG G7,Samsung Galaxy S9,S9+,Note8, S8,S8+)
  •     Pouch attaches to butt stock, shields from heat of battery, and has extra room to store shells and other essentials
  •     Includes USB to Micro USB coiled charging cable with extended retractable connector
  •     Saves money and time because you stop buying and changing batteries

    What you get :

    1 x Universal Butt Stock Pouch Case  ( incl. Nylon Straps+Bullet Straps)
    1 x 12000 mAh Portable Extended Power Bank Battery with QI-Wireless Charging Capability
    1 x Retractable micro-usb to USB cable connector
    1 x Port Cap / Weather Resistant Rubber Seal ( suitable for ATN scope use) 


    Notice :

    Mybccase.com shall not be responsible for injury, death or damage of property resulting from misuse, illegal use or modification of this product. Observe safe firearm handling practices at all times. Before beginning installation, make sure the weapon is unloaded and the safety engaged. Failure to do so may result in grievous bodily injury or death.

    Suitable for use with ATN Model X-Sight / X-Sight II / Thor-HD / OTS-HD ; SIGHTMARK Photon RT-Series
    We are not affiliated to ATN / Sightmark brand; our product is not from or by ATN / Sightmark, but designed for suitable use with only.

    Power bank and cable is compatible for use with cell phone and other devices 

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