Led Indicator PD Power Bank 12000 mAh External Battery Playboy Alumium Black


Design Pattern
Playboy Color Polka Dots
Playboy Half face
Playboy Floral Rabbit
Playboy Rabbit heart
Playboy White Floral
Playboy Military Camo
Playboy Pink Floral
Playboy Zigzag
Playboy Checker
Playboy Kiss
Playboy USA
Playboy Mexican
Playboy British
Playboy Tree Camo
Playboy Beach Ball Bunny Mango
Playboy Beach Ball Bunny White
Playboy Lazy Day
Playboy Checker Bunny Black & White
Playboy Checker Bunny Palm
Playboy Hop On Vintage Rose
Playboy Hope On Black
Playboy Kiss Me Iron Red
Playboy Kiss Me Oyster Pink
Playboy Top Love White
Playboy Top Love Black
Playboy Live Free
Playboy Wild One
Playboy Club Atlanta
Playboy Club Balimore
Playboy Club Boston
Playboy Club Chicago
Playboy Club Jamaica
Playboy Club London
Playboy Club Los Angeles
Playboy Club Manchester
Playboy Club New Orleans
Playboy Club Montreal
Playboy Club Miami
  • PD 18W Power Bank 12,000 mAh External Battery
  • LED Digital Power Display
  • Aluminum Frame Black
  • Dual Input – Micro USB and Type-C; LED Power Indicator
  • Dual Output : USB-A/Type-C ;Dual Input: Micro-USB/Type-C
  • Lightweight; 241g / 0.53 lbs ; DIM/L * W *H : 137mm * 71mm * 14mm

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