Armor Kombo For Alcatel Acquire/Dawn/Streak/Pixi Avion/Pixi Bond/Ideal 4G Black/Black


Design Pattern
Cherry Blossom
Galaxy Stars
Clear Cassette Tape
Hunter Tree Outdoors Camo
Black Diamond Plate Steel
3D Hearts
White Rosy Heart
Pink Rosy Heart
Hot Pink/Black Zebra
Black Anchor/Chevron
Carbon Fiber
Digital Camouflage
Autumn Hunter Camouflage
Pastel Chevron
Mexican Flag
American Flag
Daisy Owl
Purple Night
Wing Skull
Carbon Fiber Black
Red Camouflage
Desert Storm Camouflage
Green Hunting Camouflage
  • Excellent combination of durable protective case with convenience belt clip holster
  • Hybrid case made of shock resistant flexible silicone inner cover with hard Polycarbonate plastic outer shell case
  • Integrated slim functional kickstand feature for hands-free use
  • Sturdy perfect fit Belt Clip Holster with rotate function so your phone is always secured

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